Rep John Tanner (D, TN) bails out.

For those keeping track: yes on ‘stimulus;’ no on cap-and-trade and health care rationing. Apparently, that wasn’t enough:

Rep. John Tanner (D-TN), a leading Blue Dog Dem, will retire at the end of his current term, Dem sources tell Hotline OnCall.

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Tanner has begun informing key House Dems of his decision — one that will make his seat a prime pickup opportunity for GOPers. He has served 11 terms in Congress representing northwest TN, a district based around Jackson, Clarksville and Union City.

At least, not enough for TN-08 – which is a R+6 district, and was a Leans Democratic pickup possibility (I assume that this will improve now). Rep Tanner’s claiming that he only stuck around to be President of the NATO Parliamentary Assembly; which is why, of course, that he has no anointed successor for his seat and announced his retirement sans warning or initial explanation. For that matter: Rep. Tanner claims to be a fiscal conservative, even though he voted for the ‘stimulus.’  So you can believe or not believe his explanation as you like.

At any rate: that’s the second one. Meanwhile, the GOP’s excellent 2010 recruiting continues apace.

Moe Lane

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