Reviewing the October fundraising numbers.

As promised. Short version: DNC beat RNC, NRSC edged DSCC, DCCC edged NRCC, and cash on hand would worry me more if the GOP hadn’t just removed the NJ & VA governorships from the Democrats and essentially handed NY-23 as part of a unfortunate but necessary life lesson to the GOP leadership.

RNC 9.06 11.29 0.00
DNC 11.58 12.96 4.40
NRSC 4.00 5.80 0.00
DSCC 3.70 11.30 2.00
NRCC 3.44 4.17 2.00
DCCC 3.76 14.52 3.34
GOP 16.5 21.26 2.00
Dem 19.04 38.78 9.74

The Congressional and Senatorial committees’ ability to stay at rough parity is a bright spot, but the cash-on-hand problem would be a matter of some concern… if it weren’t for the fact that the Democrats just spent 14 million in October to lose the Virginia and New Jersey gubernatorial elections, while the Republicans spent 16 million to win them.  I’m sure that the Democrats got every ounce of consolation out of winning NY-23 – after the GOP base demonstrated that they were willing to lose another seat rather than be ignored* – but they weren’t happy to make that trade.

All that being said:


If it hurts too much, try Reverse the Vote! Specifically targets 24 Congressional Democrats in Red districts, goes straight to the general election candidates, the national committees don’t see a dime.

Moe Lane

*A tactic that progressive Democrats, of course, are too timid to try.  Bluster about, yes, but not actually do.

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