Sen. Graham knocks around AG Holder on KSM.

I know that Senator Lindsey Graham (R, SC) is not on a lot of people’s Christmas card lists, but this exchange between him and Attorney General Eric Holder was four minutes, forty seconds’ worth of pure schooling:

Not filmed was the bit in the end where Holder was on the floor, looking for his teeth. You do not walk into a situation like that without an elementary knowledge of the relevant historical record*. You do not come completely unprepared for a obviously-telegraphed question like “So. What are you going to do with a captured bin Laden?” And you do not assume that Senators like being given the mushroom treatment. Because if you do any of that, you can be assured that some Senator, somewhere, will take the opportunity to introduce you to pain.

Moe Lane

PS: No, really. NPR even noticed. NPR. Via Newsbusters, via Instapundit:

The exchange started with Graham stumping Holder with a question one would have thought the attorney general would have been prepared for…

Not one of Holder’s better days.

*Reminded me of this, actually.

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