Sen. Foghorn Leghorn (D): 'Working for TX-45. Working for YOU.'

This has been circulating around the Hill today; some kind, cruel soul from there took the trouble to forward it to me.  Twenty-four hours and they still haven’t fixed recovery.gov: remember how we got told that the new administration was going to bring us into this new, wonderful Web 2.0 reality? These guys can’t even get a database up and running properly. Heck, they can’t even be bothered to check typical search results for garbage before they take said database live.

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PS: At them. We are all laughing at them. Not with.




WASHINGTON – U.S. Sen. Foghorn J. Leghorn, D-State, announced Tuesday that he had won an extra $14.7 million in stimulating funds from the solicitous Obama Administration for the people of seven congressional districts in Texas.

“This funding will go for good,” the Senator said.  “Why, son, 98 hardworking, taxpaying, aging, poor, honest, hungry, working-class, middle-class, undereducated, disadvantaged, undercounted, overlooked, underprivileged, overtaxed and uninsured constituents of my good friends and esteemed colleagues in the 52nd, 58th, 86th, 00th, 68th, 91st, and 85th Congressional Districts of Texas deserve every penny,” he added.  “Yep, they can shore count on me.  Vote Leghorn!  Yee, haw!”

Following is an official, premeditated account* of the stimulating funds provided by the Obama Administration through Sen. Leghorn’s good offices:

Texas Congressional District    Jobs      Amount

52nd congressional district     0       $8,937,289
58th congressional district     45      $3,659,694
86th congressional district     6       $943,326
00 congressional district       11      $752,292
68th congressional district     1       $310,963
91st congressional district     30      $57,367
85th congressional district     5       $56,661

Stimulus Total: $14,717,592

Jobs Total: 98

*Please don’t call Sen. Leghorn’s office about this.  He’s busy working on health care today.  For further information on this gracious investment of job-creating government money, please “track the money” through the President’s Recovery website, http://www.recovery.gov/Pages/TextView.aspx?data=stateSummaryAllCD&statecode=TX

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