Schadenfreude Watch: Steve Clemons.

Clemons is very, very upset that the administration casually threw away former WH counsel Greg Craig once it became clear that they a) would take a hit from actually closing Gitmo and b) needed somebody to blame. He’s so upset, in fact, that he’s even now comparing this administration to the previous one. Try not to giggle too loudly at this:

But the sustained nature of the leaks—and the fact that they ultimately proved to be true—indicates something quite disappointing for anyone who had hoped that the Obama White House would operate more transparently and honestly than the Bush team had.

Yes, it’s like Clemons has never heard of OBAMABUS, or its victims. Or that the previous administration was routinely criticized for showing too much loyalty, not too little.  Or, in fact, that the supposed transparency and honesty of this particular administration was largely an invention of this particular administration’s fan club.  Of which club Steve Clemons is a charter member:

We need to see the checks and balances of our form of democracy restored and the usurpation of unprecedented and dangerous powers by the White House rolled back. We need to pursue accountability for the collapse of trust at home and abroad and reform the nation’s balloting process in order to make certain that citizen voices are heard restoring again a representative form of government.

From his statement of why he was (ostensibly) voting for Obama.



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