There are *8* Congressional Districts in Maryland.

There are not 75. Hey, everyone else is looking up their state, so I might as well do so, too.

Of course, the really offensive thing – this merely shows that we’re going to have spent 18 million on a database full of garbage entries; something that I already knew – is that the best case scenario is that in Maryland the government spent $3,178,239,416 to ‘save or create’ 6,748 jobs. That works out to $471,024.74 per job. For that kind of money I could have guaranteed 10,964 people a US national median income AND medical benefits (average for a family of four) for five years (with an operating budget of $1 million a year, and of course a personal salary of $1 million/year for that period*). The breakdown:

Jobs Created 10,964
Median Household Income $ 44,389
Average HC Costs/yr $ 13,400
Per-family $ 57,789
Per family, Five years $ 288,945
Total Amount $ 3,167,992,980
Admin Costs (5 yr) $ 5,000,000
My compensation (5 yr) $ 5,000,000
Adjusted cost $ 3,177,992,980
Savings $ 246,436

I even saved the government money! That makes me fiscally prudent and everything.

Moe Lane

*I’ll take care of my own health care, thanks. And if you’re wondering about who does the paperwork… well, I just hired almost 11,000 people to not actually do anything, didn’t I? They can draw straws.

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