William Jefferson (D) gets 13 years.

Half of what they asked for, but he’s going away for a while.

ALEXANDRIA, Va. (AP) – A former Louisiana congressman who famously stashed cash in his freezer was sentenced Friday to 13 years in prison for taking hundreds of thousands in bribes in exchange for using his influence to broker business deals in Africa.

(H/T: Riehl World View) You know, when you’re faced with this sort of situation – one where you see a flawed, corrupted, fundamentally weak man finally be caught up by the impersonal forces of law and justice – there are times where you have to look on and ask yourself, Was it worth it to see the wreckage that has been made of this person’s life?  Can there be satisfaction in seeing an elderly man sent to prison for what might be the rest of his days?  Are you satisfied at the way that the foe has been relentlessly brought low?


(Brightly) Yes!

Moe Lane

PS: …in his freezer.

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