I wonder if the Texas Rangers are hiring.

I understand that they look for this sort of thing.

Sergeant Munley, 34, was unconscious after being shot three times by Hasan and was rushed to hospital after she lost so much blood doctors thought she would die.

She was shot twice in the left thigh and once in the wrist but still managed to bring Malik down with four shots of her own.

Dr Kelly Matlock, who treated Munley in hospital, said: “She opened her eyes and said, ‘Did anybody die?’ That’s what she said.” Sgt Munley has now been told that Hasan killed 13 people and wounded 38 but her actions saved the lives of many others.

Via Hot Air, which also has a rather pointed suggestion about the need for Congressional hearings into the Fort Hood terrorist attack. Turns out that the terrorist responsible for the attack has a link to Anwar al-Awlaki; it would probably be a really good idea to find out just how this kind of breakdown occurred in our domestic anti-terrorism watch.

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