Page 602 and counting on the Democratic health care rationing bill...

…at least, I would be if I was daft enough to take seriously Speaker Pelosi’s suggestion that you can take a 1,900 page bill and understand it in 72 hours. Fortunately, neither did the NRCC – which is why they’ve come up with this handy pacing clock. a page every two minutes, folks. Every page of which references/rescinds/alters a bunch of other laws, which probably themselves reference/rescind/alter a bunch of laws in their turn. With no breaks for three days.

Excuse me: it’s now page 603. By the time I get this published, page 604. And I’m reasonably certain that most of the Democratic legislators that put this monstrosity together haven’t made it past the table of contents, at that.

Moe Lane

PS: And it’s not even as if Reid’s eager to go with health care rationing this year, at this rate.

PPS: Reminder: the GOP is having a twelve-hour online town hall on health care tomorrow, starting at 1 EST.

PPPS: 606 pages. And counting. Goes quicker than you thought, doesn’t it?

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