Dispatches from the Front: The Queens City Council race.

Francis is far too busy helping candidate Angelo Maragos get elected today to post this stuff, so we’ll be updating these as we go along.  First one above the fold: if we’re blessed with a fair, clean election presence from the WFP/ACORN/Democrats, this will be the only one.  if not, updates will be under them.

Yes, expect to check back often.

6:26 AM: One of my [again, this is Francis writing – ML] campaign workers just went to vote. Sure enough: “Republican? Sorry sir, the voting machine is broken. You’ll have to fill out an affidavit ballot.” EXCEPT that affidavits are for people who assert their eligibility rather than having it proved by the presence of a signature in the registration book. He has to fill out an EMERGENCY ballot, not an affidavit. We dashed a person over there, chewed them out viciously, and they fixed the machine. We also howled at the opposition’s campaign manager who was brazenly doing some illegal electioneering. And we reamed out the cop whose job it is to prevent electioneering for being late to arrive.

It’s going to be a very long day.

10:30 AM -12:00: Apparently, there was a loud confrontation with opposing candidate that ended with cops showing up… and taking Francis’ side. Really, these guys are not used to being opposed.