Christie to Corzine: 'Man up, and *say* I'm fat.'

Via Hot Air comes this Neil Cavuto piece on Don Imus’ interview with Chris Christie, where Chris addresses the two central issues of the Corzine campaign: Christie’s weight, and Corzine’s inability to even face that forthrightly.

“Hey listen: if you’re gonna do it, at least man up and say I’m fat.”

The phrase ‘wusses out’ was then used – accurately – followed by a couple of good lines about the need to keep stimulating the donut/restaurant industries.  Give it a listen: like Allahpundit, I think that this is good retail politics, and it really does hammer home just how empty the Corzine campaign has been.  I recognize that any Democratic campaign these days is going to revolve around trying to scare voters about the evvvvvil Republicans, but Corzine is being especially stereotypical about his response to what has essentially become a vanity campaign for him at this point. Which, given the way that he was fired from Goldman-Sachs and was more or less irrelevant as a Senator, is probably not too surprising. Depressing – why does the state of NJ have to pay for his therapy? – but not too surprising.

Moe Lane

PS: Chris Christie for Governor.

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