Correcting Maddow: why is The Daily Howler bothering?

Of course Rachel Maddow obfuscated on Tuesday, and brazenly contradicted that obfuscation on Wednesday, Bob Somerby. Of course she pretends that she’s putting people on the griddle. And of course she’s going to keep doing it. That’s because she’s making political porn, Bob. Exceptionally niche fetish porn – as witnessed by MSNBC’s ratings – yes; but porn nonetheless.

And you’re reviewing it, which in some ways is even funnier.

Moe Lane

PS: I dunno. What does commenting on this commentary say about me, Glenn Reynolds, Tom Maguire, and Ed Driscoll? Aside from the fact that apparently it’s raining where they are, too.

PPS: Actually, if I wanted to make Worst Person In The World I’d continue in this vein by writing a sentence that included the words “Keith Olbermann” and “gimp mask.” Because goodness knows; Olbermann’s worse.

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