Profiles in Cowardice: 'Moderate' Democrats and the Chamber of Commerce.

(H/T: Instapundit) The following two paragraphs from this piece (“White House attacks worry moderate Democrats,” and the title will be brought up again later) highlight not only the problem that quote-unquote ‘moderate’ Democrats are having with the administration’s War On The Chamber Of Commerce: they highlight the general problem with ‘moderate’ Democrats.

While Limbaugh and Fox commentators like Beck make no secret of their dislike for Democrats, the Chamber’s Republican lean is partially counteracted by nominal and financial support for pro-business Democrats who need to win votes from pro-business Republicans. The campaign websites of moderate Democrats from across the country are filled with endorsements from the Chamber of Commerce.


Rep. Sanford Bishop (D-Ga.), another recipient of a Chamber contribution, said Thursday that he had no intention of stepping into the middle of a fight between the White House and the Chamber, but he did note that he had won an award for his voting record from the national Chamber of Commerce.

How brave of him.  Bishop is from a D+1 district, by the way; and he’s got a challenger.  State Rep. Mike Keown, and his comment about Bishop pretty much sums it up:

Unfortunately, we are stuck with a professional politician who listens to liberal California House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, left wing environmentalists, big labor, and Washington lobbyists while ignoring you.

You see, you can read a lot about how this Democratic policy or that Democratic policy ‘worries’ or ‘alarms’ or ‘concerns’ all those ‘moderate’ Democratic politicians out there. What you don’t read are stories about how those ‘moderate’ Democrats actually do anything about it. Sanford Bishop votes with his party 98% of the time. Sanford Bishop voted for the ‘stimulus.’  Sanford Bishop voted for cap-and-trade. Sanford Bishop will vote for health care rationing.  But he’s a ‘moderate’ Democrat, because he’s not personally a liberal one.

He just scrambles out of the way when one of them comes down the path.

Moe Lane

PS: Yes, this is personally embarrassing, in its way.  Of course, if it wasn’t I’d probably still be a Democrat.  One way, or the other.

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