Weekly Standard counting coup on J-Street conference.

The Weekly Standard has been having a lot of fun lately whittling down support of J Street, which is a group that pretty much defines itself as the liberal answer to AIPAC – and that pretty much says it all, does it? Anyway, J-Street is having a conference, and TWS has been cheerfully shining a flashlight on the whole thing for the last month or so. Their current score?

With the departure of Kampeas, J Street has now lost five speakers — the three def poets that they cut for the “use and abuse of Holocaust imagery,” Geoff Davis, the Kentucky Republican whose name disappeared from the conference program today and whose office refuses to comment on the matter, and now Kampeas. In addition to the 12 members of Congress who’ve yanked their support, that’s 17 individuals who have either distanced themselves from J Street or have been thrown under the bus by J Street lest they provoke any more controversy.

List not including Senator John Kerry, who is being… John Kerry about the whole thing. Anyway: while I suppose that Marty Peretz is correct in his assessment of J Street’s actual power (and quite crude in the way that he refers to them); watching TWS smack them around like this is fun. Which is reason enough for them to continue.

Moe Lane

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