'Comic' Cross confesses Correspondents' cocaine [checking thesaurus] caper.

Klavan was right: celebrities live in another strange, sad world. Which would be not entirely intolerable, except that then they feel the need to go and drag normal people into it:

Comedian David Cross brought his stand-up routine to Washington’s Warner Theatre Wednesday night and made a shocking confession (assuming he wasn’t joking…) at the end of his routine: That he snorted cocaine while seated just yards away from President Barack Obama at this year’s White House Correspondents’ Association dinner.

Liberal readers will be relieved to know that Cross is not an Obama contributor, although they may want to consider for a moment the implications of them having that automatic thought. His contribution list is very impressive, though: zero for four, and all four were frankly dolts when it came to running for office. I may check on him in 2012 to see who he supports.

Moe Lane

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