61% of Americans un-American?

At least, that’s the impression you’d be left with if you were the sort to take seriously everybody who upset that not everybody was signed off on the POTUS Peace Nobel thing.  Luckily, taking them seriously is still a minority opinion in this country:

Most Americans do not believe President Obama should have won the Nobel Peace Prize, and are divided on whether the award is a good thing, according to a new USA TODAY/Gallup Poll.

Sixty-one percent of respondents said Obama did not deserve to win the prize announced on Oct. 9, according to the poll; 34% said he did deserve the honor.

When asked if they were personally glad that Obama won the award, 46% said they were and 47% said they were not glad.

Via the Examiner, via AoSHQ Headlines – but not via Gallup, which has unaccountably not referenced the poll on the front page as of this writing. Perhaps they were just in a hurry this morning.

Moe Lane

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