WaPo calls White House 'Agnewesque.'

Another for the ‘media’s starting to get just a bit tired of the administration’s crusade against Fox News’ file. From Ruth Marcus:

Obama’s dumb war with Fox News

There’s only one thing dumber than picking a fight with people who buy ink by the barrel — picking a fight with people who don’t even have to buy ink. The Obama administration’s war on Fox News is dumb on multiple levels. It makes the White House look weak, unable to take Harry Truman’s advice and just deal with the heat. It makes the White House look small, dragged down to the level of Glenn Beck. It makes the White House look childish and petty at best, and it has a distinct Nixonian — Agnewesque? — aroma at worst. It is a self-defeating trifecta: it distracts attention from the Obama administration’s substantive message; it serves to help Fox, not punish it, by driving up ratings; and it deprives the White House, to the extent it refuses to provide administration officials to appear on the cable network, of access to an audience that is, in fact, broader than hard-core Obama haters.

A colleague of mine wondered privately what could be the reason for what is fairly clearly a counter-productive effort on the administration’s part – and when you’re getting this kind of push-back from what is generally conceded to be a core constituency of the Democratic party, you’re engaged in a counter-productive effort. My response was one word:


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