Shepard Fairey admits to stealing AP photo.

It makes you wonder what the AP has, to make this admission by HOPE-and-paste ripoff artist Shepard Fairey look like the preferable option:

In a strange twist to an already complicated legal situation, artist Shepard Fairey admitted today to legal wrongdoing in his ongoing battle with the Associated Press.

Fairey said in a statement issued late Friday that he knowingly submitted false images and deleted others in the legal proceedings, in an attempt to conceal the fact that the AP had correctly identified the photo that Fairey had used as a reference for his “Hope” poster of then-Sen. Barack Obama.

Via Deceiver.com, which also links to this report that at least some of Fairey’s attorneys are pulling out of the lawsuit. Which is actually a pity, as the most proper response to this situation is to root for injuries…

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