'You're not holding the mop the right way.'

This video provoked, more or less, by this stupid flip by the President.

The GOP is no longer to get out of the way; no, no, now we will be graciously permitted to clean up the Democrats’ mess for them.  While taking the blame for it, of course.  This is known as ‘bipartisanship;’ and objecting to that is known as ‘obstructionism.’  Also, ‘racism.’

The President does understand that we have video software and cameras and memories, yes?  Does he really think that we haven’t noticed that his poll numbers are seriously down from the point where he could tell conservatives to get out of the way?  And does he really think that his vaunted charisma works on people who aren’t inclined to go along with him anyway?

Because it doesn’t.

Moe Lane

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