Simmons outraised Dodd in 3Q.

970K for Simmons; 900K for Dodd.  Please also note that Dodd’s spokesman carefully did not mention his candidate’s cash-on-hand while making excuses for Dodd’s lackluster third quarter, which suggests that the lobbyist crony* is having problems on that front, too.  Couple that with his ongoing Countrywide problem, and one has to wonder what the next set of polls will look like…

Moe Lane

PS: Rob Simmons, Sam Caligiuri, and Peter Schiff are all running for the right to defeat Dodd.  We’re fortunate to have a strong field for that primary.

*Note that the K Street availability mentioned in that link was in the third quarter.  Maybe Dodd should start thinking about spending more time with his family?  Ireland is a lovely place to live, I understand.

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