BREAKING: Anita Dunn admirer of Lee Atwater!

Supposedly enough of one to steal his schtick, according to Jake Tapper (who is merely passing along what he has been told, mind you).  So why is the interim White House Communications Director suggesting that she’s ripping off a man who is one of the most legendary devil figures in liberal mythology?  The man who the Left has built its two favorite stories – the ‘Southern Strategy’ and Willie Horton – around?  The man who was so hated that Larry Beinhart wrote a best-selling novel that had him reach beyond the grave to start the first Gulf War?

Because it’s still better than Anita Dunn admitting that Mao Tse Tung really is one of her two favorite political philosophers.

Via Ace of Spades

I’d like to make it clear: Dunn really was using Mao as an example of how you have to do what you’re going to do, and make sure that you don’t let other people run your life for you. Or, as my (much more apolitical) wife just put it: “Anita Dunn made Mao sound like a cheap inspirational figure, when the guy was a menace.” Seventy. MILLION. Murdered.

I guess that I’m just missing the joke.

Moe Lane

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