Be careful what you wish for: 111th Congress Edition.

Just a quick focus on this one sentence in this one paragraph in an article by Greg Gutfield:

The White House is focusing on Fox News because there is no one else around to mess with. I mean, aside from Rush, and perhaps a reunited version of April Wine – they got nobody. The Republicans are hanging back, somewhere, waiting for their moment, which may never come. The Dems, however, have everything – the Houses, the President, the media, the international community of dimwitted Norwegians- but they can’t get their cr[*]p together.

This isn’t ‘hanging back’ as much as it is ‘waiting.’  The ruling party has made it clear that the GOP’s input is not wanted; the role that they envisioned for our legislators was to meekly sign off on whatever damfool notion the Democrats came up with. If they did that, the Democrats might deign occasionally to throw Republican lawmakers a bone – to be shared with every Blue Dog Democrat in the pack, of course.  Might.  After all, there are ever so many Democratic allies to assuage.  And the Democrats consider this to be a compromise.  After all, their base would prefer to skip ahead to the place where the GOP all died in fires.

So one can hardly blame Republicans for declining to read the lines that the Other Side has written for them.  Particularly since this state of affairs will only last until January 2011 anyway.

Moe Lane

PS: “Party of No?”  “We need to give our own ideas?”  Bless your heart, the Democrats didn’t need any actual ideas in 2006 or 2008 to win.  They ran on a platform of Look At The Horrible Republicans both times – and are now proceeding to demonstrate the difference between ‘bad’ and definitely worse, which makes our work a lot easier, honestly.  For that matter, the people now running for office – and the people who will be winning in 13 months – have their own views on how to run a country, and they don’t need or want input from the party’s central leadership.  In fact, many of them don’t need or want my input, either.  I only pass for a populist in a place like DC.

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