Quick looks at 2010: AR-01, MO-SEN, & NM-02.

Some points of interest, for various campaigns:

  • MO-SEN: The website’s name says it all: www.acorncarnahan.com.  Apparently, Robin Carnahan (running against Roy Blunt) wasn’t very careful – or careful at all – in keeping distant from ACORN, and the Missouri Republican Party is laying the connections out, emails and all (H/T The Campaign Spot). And you have to wonder: what does her brother Russ Carnahan know, when did he know it, and is he done running away yet? It’s been a couple of months by now.

  • NM-02: Cap-and-trade supporter Harry Teague‘s opponent Steve Pearce had himself a very good third quarter: 508K, donors overwhelmingly from inside the state. Teague hasn’t reported in, yet – but surely he’s not having problems getting funding from a R+6 district, right? Steve Pearce needs a better website, though: perhaps he can get the people who did Crawford’s…

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