Hey, does Gibbs read Instapundit?

Check out the bobble at the end. Not conclusive, but at least worth noting.

Via Scott Ott‘s Facebook account; I agree with Scott that Chip Reid’s asking a legitimate question about Reagan’s notable lack of a Nobel Peace Prize*. I will also note that my wife laughed out loud at Gibbs’ suggestion that the Washington pundit class get out more; so did I, but that was also because Gibbs needs to be at the head of that particular line.

Moe Lane

*I already know the answer, though. So does Scott. So does Chip Reid. Heck, so does Gibbs. But really, what is he going to say? “Well, they led my boss in unto temptation, and he’s enthusiastic about giving in?”

Which is the real reason that they never offered it to Reagan. He would have accepted it, graciously – and then used it to further his vision of peace, not the Nobel prize committee’s.

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