"Too big to fail."

There’s not much I can add to this excellent article on why we’re funding too many analysts and not enough activists, except this: those of us who have stepped up to do online or grassroots activism for no pay and with no infrastructure can make up for a quite a bit by substituting enthusiasm for resources. Which is great… until enthusiasm wanes, or the outside world interferes, or someone can’t afford to spend the money or time any longer on what may not actually be a hobby, but has to be treated as one. And then that particular slot goes unfilled for a while; best hope that the volunteer wasn’t doing anything too important, right?

And I say that as one of the lucky ones: I don’t actually have to worry about site maintenance on either RedState.com or MoeLane.com (and you should hit Neil’s tip jar if you like the latter; he’s hosting that site for me). Imagine if more of us didn’t have to worry about that…

Moe Lane

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