Three Congressional Seats of interest.

Just a quick survey:

  1. CA-10 (D+11): David Harmer isn’t quitting this particular special election, and he’s having a bit of fun with the… well, I don’t know what John Garamandi was trying to do here:

    …but I hope that he does it again. A lot.
  2. FL-08 (R+2): Alan Grayson opened his mouth again; apparently he’s under the impression that there are no such things as recording devices. Or that his constituents like being lied to, in a stupid fashion.

    The challenger for this seat is still up in the air (a lot of people want the shot), but the NRCC is happy to spotlight it anyway. Nominee donation fund here.
  3. VA-05 (R+5): We have a candidate to go up against Tom Perriello! Virginia state senator Robert Hurt. Perriello is – like Grayson, and oh, about sixty other or Democratic legislators – just a bit too liberal for his seat, and the GOP intends to bring that up. A lot.

So, as you can see: the machine is functional.

Moe Lane

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