'The front fell off.'

I’d like you to test your ability to detect something. Watch this video (via Dan Riehl):

Quick: at what point did you realize that it was a comedy routine? If the answer is anything except “I didn’t realize that it was a fake,” congratulations: you passed. Although if you didn’t pass, don’t worry: it’s very well done. The giveaway is simply that news interviews typically do not demonstrate the same kind of rapid-fire banter that is more properly associated with stand-up comedians. But that’s kind of subtle, so there’s no shame in not catching on right away.

On the other hand: if you take the opportunity to use it as an chance to do some Palin-bashing and not check it out first… well. Then you’re as dumb as Andy Sullivan, and there’s just no help for you.

Moe Lane

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