More on that Hardin, Montana prison. Sort of.

The original story is here: the short version is that the town of Hardin took advantage of the Gitmo closing thing (back when the administration’s stated plan to close the place was still being taken seriously) to advertise its empty, brand-new correctional facility. Said facility has apparently been now taken over by a mysterious organization… but, alas for the conspiracy theorist living in all of our hearts, one that is explicitly ruling out housing Gitmo detainees.  AoSHQ has more on this, but that’s the gist.

In other words, there’s a company out there that wants to get into the prison business without being publicly associated with it, and it’s being overly goofy in how it created its shell company… and I’m only posting it because I figured that something like this would happen, and I’m no less immune to feeling pleasure at vindication than any other person.

Moe Lane

PS: The town of Hardin would no doubt like to thank all the Left-pundits and bloggers who spread their sales pitch far and wide. I’m sure that they’re very grateful… what? Grateful enough to vote out Dennis Rehberg next year?

Don’t be absurd.

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