So, basically, if you're a Democrat in debt...

…from your last campaign, relax: the Online Left is a soft touch for that sort of thing. Happened with Bob Miller (remember him?); and now it’s happening for Rep. Alan Grayson. I heartily agree with my colleague Brian Faughnan on this one:

I heartily endorse the idea of Democratic donors giving generously to Grayson’s Congressional campaign. It might enable Grayson to repay some of the $2.6 million he loaned his campaign last cycle. And as Grayson’s personal net worth is somewhere north of $31 million, it’s not likely to make a dime’s worth of difference in how much Grayson spends next year, nor on whether he wins or loses. It will however, sop up some donations that might have made a difference in other targeted races.

Tells you something when a candidate doesn’t need an opponent* to get an opposition website, complete with donation page. Tells you something more when Cook upgrades your seat from “Leans Dem” to “Toss-up.”

Moe Lane


*Keep watching the skies on that one, by the way.

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