Law & Order: Sad Projection.

This should appall me, except that I’m too busy chuckling: apparently, the Left is still reduced to using the big/small screen to act out their Bush administration prosecution fantasies.  Including – ye gods and little fishes! – something stretching all the way back to Abu Ghraib. It’s Law & Order‘s turn to wistfully yearn:

By the end of the episode, “McCoy” has added former Vice President Cheney and the Joint Chiefs of Staff to his indictment. Incredibly, the case brought by a local DA against federal employees over the conduct of their official duties goes to trial, but before a verdict is rendered a federal court orders the trial stopped — thus getting NBC out of the bind of either characterizing the Bush administration as guilty or not guilty.

Wow. It’s like the 2008 election never happened.  I would also like to note that the current administration wouldn’t have let this get as far as it did in the show: in fact, it’s a whole lot less unwilling to address the issue in public at all than the previous one was…

Moe Lane

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