Scott Ott does not talk down to people when running for office.

Scott (of Scrappleface fame) is running for Lehigh County Executive, and he’s explicitly avoiding the soundbite in this video. You can read the summary if you’re in a hurry.

At the end of 2010, the reserve funds are gone. Don Cunningham spent all of his predecessor’s 69.5 percent tax hike. At this spending rate, you face a property tax hike of at least 20 percent. Cunningham’s administration refuses to answer questions about the looming 2011 tax hike, but the image above speaks for itself. County Executive candidate Scott Ott will prevent the tax hike, by making the tough decisions to bring spending in line with revenue.

Scott’s coming up on the end of the quarter for fundraising, just like a lot of other candidates out there. Now would be a good time to let our opponents know that we care about more than the federal races when it comes to elections.

Donation link here.

Moe Lane

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