Siena poll (NY-SEN): Giuliani beats Gillibrand by 8 points.

(Via RCP) I’m still trying to reconcile a 46/38 result among registered voters (which represents a flip since January 2009) with Siena’s statement that half of NY voters can want Giuliani to run for neither Governor nor Senator, unless a large proportion of those voters don’t want him to run because he could actually win. Absent a look at the actual questions, I’m not sure whether I can reconcile.  Giuliani in the Senate would be… interesting.  And an improvement over the current incumbent, of course.  Lots of stuff in that poll, by the way: the general thing that you’ll take away from it is that Andrew Cuomo has an almost-lock on the gubernatorial nomination and election, and that New Yorkers loathe their current state government.

It’s going to be an interesting primary there next year.

Moe Lane

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