This fish cost California almost a billion dollars.

And depending on your monitor, the picture (via Michelle Malkin) may be the actual size:

That’s the delta smelt – or, as Rep. George Radanovich (R, CA-19) likes to call it, “a worthless little worm that needs to go the way of the dinosaur” – and it’s the reason why direct farm losses in California’s San Joaquin valley are being estimated at a high of 647 million (against a backdrop of a 3 billion agricultural loss in California generally). Not to mention what could end up being 80,000 lost jobs. Unfortunately, while the delta smelt is eligible for the Endangered Species Act, the Californian farmer is not.

Moe Lane

PS: Erick Erickson notes that Senator Dianne Feinstein justified her vote siding with the delta smelt over the Californian farmer by comparing “water restitution to Pearl Harbor,” as Senator DeMint’s YouTube channel puts it.

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