Marco Rubio scores 1.5 endorsements.

The full endorsement for Marco Rubio is from Rep. Ginny Brown-Waite (R, FL-05):

Brown-Waite, who has been critical of what she has said is Crist’s attempts “to be all things to all people,” said Monday she thinks the GOP tide is turning in favor of Rubio.

“He is picking up a lot of steam with the recent victories from the straw polls. It is great to see momentum building for him,” she said.

Rep. Brown-Waite joins Rep Jeff Miller (R, FL-01) in endorsing Rubio over Crist.

Meanwhile, the half endorsement is from former Governor Jeb Bush (otherwise known as the popular Bush):

Jeb Bush whacks NRSC for endorsing Crist

Jeb Bush raised some eyebrows yesterday when he joined the conservative attack against the National Republican Senatorial Committee (NRSC) for endorsing Gov. Charlie Crist over conservative favorite Marco Rubio for Senate in Florida.

“I think [Rubio] should be given a chance,” Bush told the Lakewood ranch Republican Club. “I think that the idea that the national party would pick a winner a year and a half before an election is the wrong way to go.”

There is a certain frustration out there that when it comes to the Florida primaries some in power have apparently decided to anticipate the primary, as it were. In the abstract, I can understand the impulse, and even approve of it. In this specific case, this is threatening to push out of consideration a great candidate and a RedState favorite – and I’ve noticed that the question that I asked here has never actually been answered. So let me ask it again:

What does Charlie Crist have that can beat that?

Moe Lane

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