Michael Williams' (R SEN Candidate, TX) statement on Carter comments.

The Michael Williams campaign has sent around this response to former President Carter’s… interesting… comments about opposition to the President’s policies. Commissioner Williams was slightly startled to discover that he is apparently a racist:

Statement by Commissioner Michael Williams, a Republican candidate for the United States Senate, concerning former President Jimmy Carter’s recent comments about critics of President Obama:

“I have immense respect for President Carter, but I fundamentally disagree with the notion that opponents of President Obama’s immense spending proposals are motivated by race. As a black man from the South, I take exception to the notion that my opposition – or the opposition of millions of Americans to the president’s healthcare proposal – is rooted in racial politics. It is a sad day when genuine disagreement is smeared by such an incendiary characterization. I oppose the president’s plan because it will explode the deficit, allow further government intrusion into the doctor-patient relationship, and continue to insulate healthcare consumers from the true cost of their care.

“America has come a long way on the issue of race, so much so that we elected the first black president in the history of our country. The president’s supporters seem to want to denigrate the motives of the opposition so they don’t have to actually engage in a debate about reforms that will forever change the direction of this country.

“It is no coincidence as the liberals continue to lose public support for a budget-busting healthcare plan that they have begun a seemingly orchestrated effort to change the subject from the content of the reforms to the character of their opposition. From the former president of the United States, to the opinion pages of the New York Times, a new ugliness has permeated our discourse. I say to them that I can disagree with my president based on the politics of ideas rather than the politics of identity.

“Americans who have honest concerns about increasing government control of healthcare, and the overall direction of this nation, deserve answers instead of scorn, respect instead of reviling accusations of racism. If this president is going to change the tone in Washington, he better first change the tactics of his supporters.”

You’ll remember Michael Williams from the RedState Gathering, of course:

Michael Williams from David Thompson on Vimeo.

He’s also one of the Fighting Four, so you know what to do.

Moe Lane