Charlie Sheen interviews for Green Jobs Czar position.

Fortunately, the White House is going to avoid hiring 9/11 Troofers overtly for a while – bad news for members of the Democratic party’s base who haven’t scored executive branch jobs yet, but good news for the rest of the country. And they aren’t going to give 9/11 Troofers exclusive interviews with the President… probably. Maybe. One hopes. Well, they will almost certainly not let Charlie Sheen anywhere near the Oval Office while a recording device is on and running, which is something. Not much, but something.

All of this via AoSHQ: don’t click on this link to the fake interview (it’s to the Google cache of the Prison Planet article, which should tell you everything that you need to know right there) unless you feel like stress-testing your sanity a little. You keep reading, and reading, and reading, and waiting for the punchline. But the punchline never comes. And you realize that it never will.

Moe Lane

PS: The apple does not fall far from the Crazy Tree, by the way. Here’s Martin Sheen, babbling about Building Seven:

I was going to make an unkind comment about all those ‘Josiah Bartlet for President’ bumper-sticker owners from a few years back: but then I realized that, unlike Charlie and Martin Sheen, I can actually distinguish between Objective Reality and Reality Unicorn.

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