Moveon.org zombie bites off health care protester's finger. Wait, what?

No, really.

About 20 minutes earlier, a man on MoveOn.org’s side of the street crossed over and shouted “Why don’t you like the public option?” Several of the counter-protesters said that they don’t want the government to run everything. The MoveOn.org man got nose to nose with a short, gray-haired counter-protester, and sneered, “You’re an idiot.”

At that point, I’m told the victim either swung at or pushed his assailant’s face away with an open hand, and his finger entered his mouth.


The MoveOn.org protester then allegedly bit off the finger up to the first knuckle, and spat it into the street where it was recovered by Bush.

(H/T) @jeffemanuel.

The Moveon.org zombie apparently then left.  At a walk.  And none of his Moveon.org colleagues stopped him.  And then they themselves later walked through the crime scene.

Again: wait, what?

Moe Lane

PS: Video news report (Via Breitbart TV):