Creigh's Ms.-Deeds.

Isn’t there a television show that does this sort of thing?  Countdown With Keith Olbermann Jackass, or something like that?

Bob McDonnell’s campaign received a call this morning from a woman who called herself “Jennifer” and claimed to be a freelance reporter from the Connection newspapers in Northern Virginia. She asked for information about McDonnell’s schedule.

The problem? She isn’t a reporter. She actually works for Creigh Deeds’s campaign.

McDonnell spokesman Tucker Martin, who took her call, said the caller ID showed Deeds’s campaign headquarters phone number and the words “Deeds for Va.”

Jim Geraghty’s right: this isn’t the biggest thing in the world. In that, it’s a perfect match to Deed’s campaign.  I particularly enjoyed the fumble-fingered way that they got tripped up; you know, I’m pretty sure that Moran would have been able to play this particular dirty trick properly…

Moe Lane

PS: McDonnell for Governor. Donate here.

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