Obviously, we need to walk through minimum wage raises.

It goes like this:


…’this’ was turning into a lecture, even with bullet points.


And the lecture was a lecture, too.  Dull as dishwater – which is the problem.  So to hell with it:

Are you under 25?  Then don’t vote for Democrats who want to raise your minimum wage.  The karmic backlash will cause you or a friend to lose your job.

It’s magic, OK?  It’s an evil economic spell cast upon the young by bitter Democrats who hate you because you have no wrinkles, active sex lives, and the ability to stay up all night and not be a brain-dead zombie the next day.  And that evil spell is bloody well working: the unemployment rate has been going up for under-25 year olds since the Democrats took power in 2007, which is the same time that the Democrats raised the minimum wage.

And I don’t care if a ‘Libertarian Democrat’ told you otherwise.  There isn’t any such thing, anyway: they just say that they are, because it allows them to get close enough to you to eat your brain.

I’ll probably get chided for writing all that out, but it’d still be preferable to trying to write a yet third version of the reason why higher minimum wages hurt employment that doesn’t bore me.

Moe Lane

PS: I don’t care what sneering minimum wage proponents try in response: I’m still not letting them get close enough to eat my brain.

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