So, where's Joe Biden?

This is a pretty critical point for the health care rationing bill, and VP Biden’s supposed to be this hyper-useful kind of guy when it comes to Congressional issues. Goodness knows, we got told often enough that he was smarter than his opposite number in the campaign – you know, the one who is currently helping to drive the debate, to the administration’s detriment – so it seems odd that he’s not more involved in helping his boss chivvy scared Democratic legislators back into line.

Very odd…

SAY IT AIN’T SO, JOE: Half down, half to go. Veep Biden, touting health care reform at a Chicago fundraiser declared, “We provide about 50 percent of the health care already.” Great. And untrue. A fourth of Americans are covered by Medicare and Medicaid. Two-thirds are covered by private insurers. That’s according to the federal census.

Ah. Yes. Of course.

Silly me.

Moe Lane

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