Gadhafi's revenge on the UK continues.

Hey, remember when people like him were too scared of people like us to try to play games like this?

Britain under pressure amid Lockerbie release

LONDON – Britain’s leaders faced strong pressure Saturday to account for any role they might have had in the release of the Lockerbie bomber after Moammar Gadhafi credited senior British officials and members of the royal family for influencing the decision.


Libyan television showed pictures of Gadhafi singling out British Prime Minister Gordon Brown by name, as well as “the Queen of Britain, Elizabeth, and Prince Andrew, who all contributed to encouraging the Scottish government to take this historic and courageous decision, despite the obstacles.”

Mind you, this is the guy who couldn’t make nice fast enough, once we yanked Saddam Hussein out of his spider-hole. So what happened?



Never mind…

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