Reviewing the July Fundraising numbers.

Short version: Democrats had a good month for the DNC – they beat out the RNC for a change – which was enough to let them end with a edge in amount raised and total cash-on-hand of a couple million. Fortunately, July fundraising for the congressional and senatorial committees was not a repeat of June’s: despite their having a significant edge in membership, the DSCC lagged the NRSC and the DCCC barely edged the NRCC. And the debt still remains significant on the Democrats’ side.

Raised CoH Debts
RNC 6.26 21.84 0.00
DNC 9.29 16.32 5.13
NRSC 2.75 4.43 0.00
DSCC 2.04 7.15 3.33
NRCC 3.08 4.01 2.75
DCCC 3.20 10.22 5.30
GOP 12.09 30.28 2.75
Dem 14.53 33.69 13.76

As noted above: good month for the DNC – good enough to give the Democrats an edge in money-on-hand for the first time in a while – but not the excellent month that the DCCC & DSCC enjoyed in June.  I can only assume at this point that the Democratic committees have a reason for not reducing their debt, even if it’s only to keeping up appearances.  The probably most impressive numbers here are from the NRCC: given the seventy-seat difference in the House, just staying even is an accomplishment.

Nonetheless, campaigns go nowhere without money:

and yes, the NRSC.

Moe Lane

PS: For a comparison, numbers from July 2007 (derived from FEC records and here):

Raised CoH Debts
RNC 5.84 16.10 0.00
DNC 3.40 3.90 2.00
NRSC 2.24 6.50 0.00
DSCC 2.90 20.56 4.00
NRCC 2.56 1.98 4.10
DCCC 4.12 21.28 3.56
GOP 10.64 24.58 4.10
Dem 10.42 45.74 9.56

That kind of cash-on-hand advantage was a powerful weapon for the Democrats in the 2008 elections – and it’s starting to look like they won’t have it this time around.

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