Unintentional irony alert.

Jane Smiley spends most of a post complaining about how the Democrats have done the political equivalent of first stealing money out of her post, then slapping her around when she caught them at it. Then Ms. Smiley declares that it’s Republicans who are the spouse abusers, all along*. And then Ms. Smiley announces that she’s going to give the Democrats one more chance.

You know, in writing this I went all the way from amused scorn to feeling vaguely depressed about the whole thing. Apparently I’m just too soft-hearted for my own good.

Moe Lane

*Why we’re getting dragged into it is a mystery fully known only to God and progressives, although probably it involves a certain resentment at the way that we were able to put together an actual and effective populist movement in six months, more or less from scratch.

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