Andrew Breitbart needs to take his BDS metastasis article...

(via Dana Loesch) …all the way to its logical conclusion. I pretty much agree with the main point of Andrew’s article (‘George W. Bush-by-proxy syndrome‘):  with President Bush’s leaving the public stage, the people that have spent the last eight years irrationally hating and fearing the man have had to cast their nets wider and wider to find a suitable replacement for their urges.  But where he’s wrong is that there’s actually one individual left with which to draw BDS sufferers ire, and in some ways he’s the best choice of all: President Barack Obama.

No, really.  One of the little things that we don’t really talk about in the 2008 election is how progressive Democrats, smarting over being beaten consistently for eight years by that man, participated in the greatest If you can’t beat ’em, join ’em in history.  Their only problem?  They didn’t actually go out and find a clone of Bush; they went out and found a clone of the Bush that they had constructed in their heads*.  It was sort of a bizarre Cargo Cult exercise, in other words; and the Democrats merely had the good (or so it seemed) luck to have found a clone with the added ability to read a scripted speech well.  The strain that progressives are having in dealing with that without dealing with that has merely gotten more and more entertaining since the election.

September may be much more interesting than even August.

Moe Lane

*I expect a certain amount of spluttering over that (which means, of course, that I’ll get none, or at least none on the record).

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