'Doctor' at Jackson-Lee town hall: lying, and defensive about it.

I covered this briefly yesterday on another social media site (which is a pretentious way of saying that I Twittered it): Patterico’s Pontifications tracked down a ‘Doctor’ Roxana Mayer who spoke in favor of health care rationing at what is rapidly becoming Sheila Jackson-Lee’s infamous town hall event. It turns out that she’s not a doctor; she was a state Obama delegate, and is an out-of-district graduate student in sociology.  When Patterico called her on it, her response was this:

Do you mean play a doctor like you play a journalist? Then the answer is no. But who knows, that was only my first town hall meeting–even though I was a delegate. If I go to another one, which I seriously doubt because my husband is already extremely annoyed, then maybe I’ll play a plumber.

Aside from the fact that we actually need more plumbers in this society – grad students who lie about their academic credentials? Not so much – it should also be noted (as Patterico cheerfully does) that Ms. Mayer was apparently accompanied to this meeting by the Woman With The Office With The Che Flag.  It should also be noted that when you get caught lying in this comprehensive a fashion (particularly when the lie that you’ve been caught in reflects this badly on your side) you probably shouldn’t exhibit this much of an attitude in response.

Because I’m pretty sure that the University of Houston doesn’t like its grad students to go to public forums and lie about their academic credentials.  Even if it is for what they consider to be the best of reasons.

Moe Lane