Roland Burris: Not so fast on my not running for IL-SEN.

Don’t tease us like this, Senator Burris. It’s unseemly in a Senator:

“You never say never,” Burris told ABC News in a “Subway Series” interview for the ABC News program “Top Line.” The “Subway Series,” which debuts on Monday, features interviews with senators and other political leaders on board the Capitol Hill subway.

“What I’m still hearing,” Burris said, is “people from all over the country and they are saying, ‘Don’t give up that seat.'”

…yes. Yes, I suppose that this may be technically true. The question is, how many of them are Democrats registered to vote in Illinois?

The reason why I wouldn’t believe my luck if Burris decided to run for the seat is not that I think that he’d win his primary; I sincerely doubt that he would. But a Burris-Anybody Else Democratic primary would roil the waters possibly even worse than the Specter-Sestak one is promising to do. It’s not that nobody can actually beat Burris in the primary; it’s that beating Burris in the primary will require the active assistance of the Democratic Party of Illinois, and I can’t wait to see how they try to justify dumping an incumbent Senator without their own base concluding that it’s all due to racism. The only way to do that, I think, would be to find another African-American candidate… which would mess up nicely all sorts of Illinois politicians’ career paths.

In other words: from beyond the political grave, Rod Blagojevich continues to have his revenge.

Moe Lane

PS: All that being said; no doubt, somebody will call Sen. Burris and explain the situation to him. Again.

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