The CNN 'Second 100 days' report card.

Found here, in all its unscientific and meaningless glory.  Oh, yes: its findings are completely invalid, from the C+ given to Secretary State Clinton to the D given to Congress (or that the D given to Republican leadership is nonetheless a higher D than the one given to Congress as a whole).  There’s nothing random about the process by which they got 300K folks to take the test in the first place; if any of the answers are right, it’s completely by accident.  All very, very true.

On the other hand – and speaking as an old-school blogger who remembers how often these kinds of polls got gleefully taken over by Lefty script kiddies – if the purpose of the poll was to answer the question How motivated is the Online Left these days? then the results may be worth looking over, after all.  Because they suggest that the answer appears to be, Apparently not all that much.

A tragedy.  Manipulating online polls so that the results came out congruent with their comforting fantasy ideology was always one of the Left-sphere’s more charming traits.  Or less not-charming, at least.

Moe Lane

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