Rep. Carnahan and the Gladney Incident: the secret press conference.

There is a reason why the United States of America is a democratic republic, and not an aristocratic republic. The first generation of a particular family may be politically able; may, in fact, be very able. The second generation of that family may likewise be politically able. Sometimes – sometimes, and mostly if the family name is Adams – even the third generation is politically able. But it is unwise to bet on that.

Rep. Russ Carnahan (D, MO-03) is of the third generation of a political family. His last name is obviously not Adams – and does it ever show.

The video above is from his secret press conference (I am not joking) that nonetheless got crashed by reporters who wanted his reaction to the Gladney Incident (SEIU thugs attacking an unarmed flag vendor). For those who don’t have video, his reaction was to say nothing, flabbily.

I know that this is staggering to comprehend… but Russ Carnahan really is incapable of understanding that it is necessary to instantly and forcefully condemn attacks on unarmed men. The above video should have ended in twenty seconds, with Carnahan saying “Violence has no place in my campaign. SEIU is unwelcome in my district until I believe they understand that. Next question?” Of course, a man who would do that would not be hiding at a secret press conference and blaming the opposition party for his own side’s violence; but it’s fairly clear that nobody taught him better, and one has to start somewhere. The cowardice thing will have to be the next step.

Alternatively, one could just go with Ed Martin. Easier to get somebody who gets it than go with somebody who only got it because of who his ancestors were.

Moe Lane

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