Jeanne Shaheen *not* at Grafton 'town hall' meeting, DNC claims to the contrary.

The Senator was never going to be there, in fact – as this post from August 3rd shows. It happens; after all, the Senate’s not out of session quite yet, so if you have to use staffers, you have to use staffers. Announce ahead of time, and the only people adversely affected would be abject idiots, or the people who trust the abject idiots to give them true information.

And, really, how many of them are out there?

Organizing for America distributed an e-mail around midnight on Wednesday urging Democratic activists to attend a town hall meeting in Grafton, NH with Sen. Jeanne Shaheen at 10:00 AM on Thursday.

[snip of explicit statement that Shaheen is going to be there, fearmongering, fearmongering, fearmongering, fearmongering, fearmongering, and then – just for a break in pace – more fearmongering]

There’s just one problem. NowHampshire.com contacted Shaheen’s office who confirms that the senator is in Washington and will not attend the town hall meeting. Staff will field questions in Grafton instead.

If you’re going to astroturf a town hall, Mr. President, complete with premade signs with which to have supporters wave around and everything; anyway, shouldn’t you check to see whether the person who you’re trying to cover for is actually going to be at the town hall meeting in the first place?

Ed Morrissey notes that these are the people who want to run your health care. I note that there were a finite number of people in New Hampshire this morning who came away from this escapade with the reaction that Organizing for America either lied to them, or else doesn’t have a clue about what’s really going on.

Much obliged!

Moe Lane

PS: GraniteGrok is giving some interesting coverage on New Hampshire generally. Check it out.

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