Behold those scary, scary swastika-bearing astroturfers.

(Brief summary for those lacking video: Dallas AARP meeting went wrong for organizers when participants refused to sit down, shut up, and applaud Democratic talking points. Organizers then left; meeting continued.)

Complete with their quoting Madison and their insisting that AARP worked for them and not the other way around and their refusal to believe that AARP iasn’t sucking up to the administration on health care rationing. The sheer nerve of them, acting like they were real, live citizens of both the United States of America and the state of Texas.  I mean: they’re all over fifty!

Terrifying, aren’t they?

(Via AoSHQ)

The young people trying to run the Dallas AARP meeting (while almost-successfully managing to hide their baffled contempt at the way that the audience refused to take direction) certainly thought so. Up to the point where they ran away.

Moe Lane

PS: Exit question: when one of John Sweeney’s union thugs messes up and smacks around some guy in a walker without checking for cameras – how do you think that will play in Peoria? Shoot, how do you think that will play in Chicago or Detroit?

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